The expertise and training of IFSEN

Road Safety in Companies :
•    Road risk management: Assisting in developing prevention plans in companies, initiating action plans and their follow-up
•    Training drivers in road risk eventualities for regular and utility vehicles, two wheel drivers and drivers of heavy duty vehicles
•    Training Road Safety Instructors in Companies
•    Training supervisory staff in road risk management in the company
•    Road safety awareness courses (training course on point recovery)

Eco-Driving and respect for the environment :
•    Training in eco-friendly driving and respect for the environment for vehicle users.
•    Analysis of results, monitoring and support.
•    Training company eco-friendly driving Instructors

Transport, Logistics and Safety Trades  :
•    Initial and continuous training in the field of transport and logistics

IFSEN Training concepts

•    Our training emanates from extensive ECF experience. Generally, it aims to develop vehicle users’ ability to analyse, prevent and overcome risks which they may encounter.
•    Our pedagogic concepts revolve around the understanding and perception of VIE system limits: Vehicle, Individual, Environment.
•    Our approach aims to be guarantor of development towards responsible driving behaviours, eco-friendly and respectful of the fundamental rules of civility and knowing how to take into account and apply professional instructions

•    Over several decades, ECF (France) steps in regularly into different professional environments and thereby trains approximately 60.000 company associates annually.
•    This experience allows us to win the clients and partners confidence in the field of road risk prevention and eco-friendly driving.

Transport, Logistics and Safety Trades  :
•    Initial and continuous training in the field of transport and logistics

Training centers

The IFSEN international organization makes it possible  :
•    Either to welcome the trainees in its network members training centres,
•    Or, to spare participants making unnecessary trips, on the actual client company sites, under the condition that they have the necessary means and infrastructure to create certain practical situations.

Pedagogic proposals

In accordance with information communicated by a company, IFSEN offers adapted training programmes in terms of content and pedagogic itineraries in order to meet the expectations expressed by the client:
•    Road safety training or awareness programme
•    Training or awareness about eco-friendly driving
•    Training or awareness programme on road safety and eco-friendly driving