The mission of the IFSEN Association is to design, promote and install at an international level, in specific territories, network organizations based on the ECF Association (France) model, thus enabling the implementation of educational programmes, training and safety awareness.


  • IFSEN is designed to represent its member networks at all administrative, political and association proceedings.
  • IFSEN also aims to meet the needs of companies of an international dimension, in all countries, in true organizational homogeneity and quality of service.


The collective will of its network members to put their experience and professionalism at the service of individuals, companies and institutions.



  • Created in 1970, first french and european prevention, education and safety organization.
  • Yearly 250 000 people trained
  • Focus on education, training and development of national road users
  • Developing skills in eco-friendly driving objectives and occupational integration

Signatory of the European Charter of Road Safety in 2006, ECF is committed to promote the values of good behavior and safety at an international level within the established networks.