Training organization

  • The partnership between Client Company and IFSEN is based on the centralization of international connections. Commercial Agency IFSEN which provides the interface with the networks of training providers
  • Each client company has a dedicated technical-sales contact

An international team for each training project

Engineering training

A Project Manager is assigned to each client

  • Design, in line with guidelines and goals to be achieved, the structure of the training programme
  • Develop adapted training devices (guide for trainers, trainees, animation supports)
  • Participate in trials (pilot session), validation and monitoring
  • Motivate and supervise the team of trainers able to intervene on the project
  • Provide, in keeping with both human and financial resources, the materials, methods and tools necessary for the achievement of the project
  • Ensure working meetings with the client for follow-up and evaluation of the training activities

The administrative management is centralized

  • Development of the training session calendar in interface with the client company and the locally concerned training providers
  • Publication of administrative documents
  • Expedition of notifications
  • Delivery of timesheets and satisfaction survey forms
  • Publishing of Invoices

Business monitoring

  • Legalization and composition of the initial response file
  • Participation in the argumentation and submission of the IFSEN reply
  • Commercial follow-up of the project in its regional deployment phase
  • Appraisal

A team of Trainers to Provide Training In the regions

In order to have a local pedagogic response internationally while ensuring the same level of quality regardless of the place of training, all IFSEN trainers referenced by the name “Road Safety” or “Eco-friendly driving”, undergo continuous training delivered by IFSEN to acquire the following skill levels :

  • Knowledge of the legislation and regulations related to the prevention of occupational risks, and understanding of the stakes of road risks for the company
  • Ability to intervene in road safety and in eco-friendly driving in the occupational fields
  • Master the techniques of group facilitation tailored to people in professional situations

Planning training activities

  • The schedule of the different stages will be determined between IFSEN and the client
  • The large number of trainers and training centres make it possible to guarantee the client company great responsiveness and flexibility especially in the regional roll-out phase